Hallelujah, RAIN!!

Kansas Viewpoint

Welcome moisture moves across much of state; even parched southwest gets a taste of rainfall

Published on: April 25, 2011
As is often the case, some parts of the state are getting way too little rain and others way too much. But almost everybody got at least a bit of moisture over the Easter weekend and into today.

Flash flood watches and warnings are out for the southeastern part of the state, where heavy downpours totaling four to six inches have caused creeks and waterways to flood, covering low-water bridges and closing roads.

In Wichita, about three-quarters of an inch of rain fell between Sunday night and tonight. Out in Garden City, it was more like a quarter-inch.

For most of us, the rain is welcome relief and in much of the state's richest wheat belt, central Kansas, a chance for a crop that has been going steadily backward for a couple of weeks after looking pretty good at the end of March.

In western Kansas, it's hope that the long winter drought pattern is breaking. It's too late for wheat in many counties, but the chance for fall row crops remains if this is the beginning of a better rainfall pattern.

Here's to hoping.