Gun Controls: Time To Reload!

Nor' east Thinkin'

Obama and anti-gun lobby are mounting a legislative campaign that, if successful, will severely restrict gun ownership and likely face constitutional challenge.

Published on: February 15, 2013

I’ve been swamped by letters, emails and blog responses to my earlier blog, raise-gun-controls-spirit-within and magazine editorial. I loved every single response, even from those who think nobody but law enforcement and military should have guns.

It’s easy to understand the anger and fear of those who’ve had their lives blown to bits figuratively or literally by wrongful use of powerful weapons by criminals or persons short of a full load. And the anti-gun lobby uses them full-force.

President Obama, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and the anti-gunners aim to cripple the rights of all – except criminals and other "irresponsibles". This week, we learned that Feinstein is trying to get a Judiciary Committee markup of her "Semi-Auto Gun Ban".

It would kill sales of 158 specific firearms, many of which are used every day for hunting, sport or personal protection. It would prohibit sale of many semi-automatic handguns. It would prohibit sale or transfer of magazines accepting more than 10 rounds of ammunition. And, it would impose safe storage requirements for grandfathered firearms.

New York State has led the way with its own legislative lunacy. Magazines with more than seven rounds will be illegal under the new law when that part takes effect in March. So if you hunt wildlife in New York State, be forewarned.

Reality check!

Gun control fanatics have forgotten or never learned that our Constitution’s second amendment grants the absolute right to own a gun for self-defense and for maintaining a “well-regulated” militia. Out in the real world, there is a need for weapons of détente. And, as one of our readers recently pointed out, rapid-fire rifles are necessary in dealing with feral pig invasions.  

Reality check reload!

More gun controls won’t stop heinous shootings. People who illegally use guns follow no law but their own. When they fall to that level of moral depravity, the best remedy for a free society is to allow citizens to legally arm themselves.

Gun control fanatics are often insulated from the rise of violence in our society. What's more, they may be purposefully blind to the root causes – drugs, lack of personal discipline due to declining parenting skills, and a general disconnect with the values that made America strong.

But to even suggest that would be politically incorrect! Why? There are so many dysfunctionals and enablers that you won’t get elected to a political position if you speak of the root cause.

Those offended by the truth are in the majority. As a society, we’ve tipped that far.

Rather than attacking legal gun ownership, we should be tackling what stirs the violent illegal use. To put what I said before another way: We need to look at how to improve the constitution of the inner man, not the constitution of our land.

Being forewarned is the first step to being forearmed. Let your congressional and state representatives know – kindly so – your thoughts on gun control.

This coming week at New York Farm Show, American Agriculturist will be polling visitors to its booth on the gun control issue. You'll find us inside the front door of the Horticulture Building. We'll also try to do a running count on the responses.

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