The Great Tool Purchase of 2006

Prairie Gleanings

I thought $200 for a pickup bed full of tools was a good deal. My wife disagreed.

Published on: December 31, 2013

After a little more than a year of marriage, I happened upon one of the sweetest deals ever. Unfortunately, my wife didn’t think it was so sweet.

A coworker was moving to Chicago. In the process, he was clearing out his garage, i.e. he was selling all of his tools. Rather than have a garage sale, he needed to get rid of this stuff fast. I was definitely interested. 

One Saturday, I borrowed dad’s truck and headed over to his house. Several years of suburban living meant he had quite the stash of weekend warrior project completion purchases hanging around. We looked at the stash and he said, “How about $200 for everything?” Deal.

On the way home, I called my wife and shared the good news. “What!! You spent $200!” (Full disclaimer, the original plan called for me to purchase his 8-foot step ladder for $30.)

I owe about half this wall to the Great Tool Purchase of 2006.
I owe about half this wall to the Great Tool Purchase of 2006.

I knew she wouldn’t be mad once she saw the massive haul. At home, I parked the truck and gazed upon our bounty. She still wasn’t impressed.

She griped about that purchase for an entire month. When my dad heard everything I got, he promptly offered to pay me $400 for the whole lot. That got her to realize it really was a good deal.

And, again, for the record, the purchase included:

  • 8-foot fiberglass step ladder
  • Electric reciprocating saw
  • Electric palm sander
  • Metal saw box with ten hand saws
  • Two leaf rakes
  • Four shovels
  • One pair of collapsible aluminum saw horses
  • One shop broom
  • One bow saw
  • A pair of bolt cutters
  • Various hand tools
  • A couple of carpentry squares. 

There’s probably a few more things I’m forgetting. Point is I got a lot for my $200. I still remember it as the “Great Tool Purchase of 2006.”

Tiffany is no longer upset I spent $200 that day. In fact, I believe she now agrees that it was a great deal. One of these days, when I’m passing my tools onto Linus, I’ll have to tell him this story.