Good Natured Folks Just Don't Get That Ag Is Green

Western Ag Vignettes

Too many people talk down farmers with little reason.

Published on: February 12, 2013

I love listening to many of the greenies because their arguments miss the target, truth and good science by the widest margins possible.

There are still folks out there who are convinced conventional ag products are laced with toxics and that the farmers who grew them are kicking back on some island smoking big cigars and enjoying expensive booze at the expense of taxpayer support payments.

Mostly this same mentality is the one which believes organic is saving the world from nutritional devastation, and that small farmers can sustain a world population gone wild.

I excuse the students prone to popular causes, but when it comes to so-called well-informed adults who just don't get it, I go off  deep ends. Ignorance of science means not only the lack of it, but plain not paying any attention to it. These mature greenies are the hardest to figure out.

I go to the grocery store and am amazed at the proliferation of "pure food," and "chemical-free" signs they post everywhere.

It makes conventional products look like really bad guys, but who pays attention to the fact our food supply is the safest anywhere, and our residues are far, far below problem levels.  Who even asks? Many of our critics would rather simply reject what they don't understand and go about their business of praising the green guys.

But aren't we the greenest of them all? We invented the farm in the first place, and our interests are in preserving it for our children. Why else are we so bent on direct seeding, no-til, and the other alternatives that save soil and water?

But the farmer is the eternal scapegoat for environmental problems, real and  unreal. That's our lot, I guess, to keep on feeding the mouths that speak against us with little understanding.

What irks me is the critic who speaks out of both sides of the mouth saying we're evil, but charging that we use too much public money for research that can correct some of the perceived evils.

Somewhere in the not-too-distant future is the dawn of a new ag respect, I believe, as our industry is leaned on heavily to sustain a global population soaring to stratospheric levels. People who find fault might consider the fact that this is a pivotal industry, unlike most of the businesses they critique, because ours is life-giving.

Take some relief in the fact we are not evil regardless of what the press and the misguided greenies may say. Ours is a noble profession, and perhaps because of that we are targeted by misguided media missile fire.