Goin' Showin'

My Generation

The kids and the cattle are headed out on the first-ever show day for our oldest, and I can't lie: we're all pretty excited about it.

Published on: June 8, 2012

The sun is pulling up over the prairie, and the truck and trailer have pulled out. Inside are a few head of cattle and the small, excited children. The youngest is still in bed; she and I will head out in a couple hours.

It's a big day: the first cattle show for our oldest, Jenna. She has a heifer and a steer – Granite and Gus – and Nathan will show his bottle calf, Buddy. Panda (heifer, not bear) is along for the ride, to be shown by our nephew.

Jenna has the usual nerves: will she do well? Will her calves act right? What if one of them gets away? What if she can't get them set up right? She'll be fine, I know, but I can empathize with her nerves.

I'm trying not to attach too much import to the day. Namely, the fact that this is the start of a season of our lives that John and I have talked about since we were dating: showing cattle with our kids.

It'll be a good day. No matter what happens in the ring.