Global Warming -- Get Out Of Here

Inside Dakota Ag

You'd think late planting would a symptom of global warming, but maybe it's just the weather

Published on: June 4, 2009

I was riding around with Kevin Skunes, Arthur, N.D., as he shuttled soybean seed to the planter on JUNE 3.  He said this year’s late planting wasn’t so unusual.


Once or twice each decade, planting is extremely late in the Red River Valley, he says.


He remembers one year when there was snow in their shelterbelts on Memorial Day.


And another year -- the year his sister got married in early June -- he and a friend spent the morning hooking two tractors together to pull a disk through wet fields.


The wet fall, the spring flood, the cool spring -- it’s just the weather, he said and shrugged.


Maybe the globe isn’t warming. Maybe non-farmers just discovered weather.