Give Thanks For What You Didn't Get

Nor' east Thinkin'

Sometimes our gratitude stops short of being thankful for things that don't happen.

Published on: November 19, 2012

While major retailers would have us skip over Thanksgiving, it would be a huge mistake to do so. Taking time to reflect on what we have and don’t have makes every single one of us more complete.

It’s a necessary life balancer that, if nothing else, keeps us humble and appreciative. And that impacts everyone and every creature we care for – even the dogs and cats.

Remembering the things that happened so far this year are relatively easy. But sit down and make a list of them – the good and the bad. And if you dare, get a second opinion from a loved one. I guarantee that your list will grow even longer.

And what didn’t happen?

This is an even tougher list, particularly on farms where lots of uncontrollable things happen. So let’s look at a few possibilities:

  • If you harvested good crops, you didn’t suffer devastating drought like so many other farmers did.
  • If you’re livestock or poultry enterprise at least broke even this year, it didn’t suffer from a major disease outbreak or price collapses like so many other investments.
  • If you managed to pay all (or most) of your bills this year, you fared better than so many families across America.
  • If your family averted major tragedies, you were lucky – especially after Hurricane Sandy.
  • If you live amid America’s abundance, you’re better off than at least eight of every 10 persons that walk the earth today.

So you see, every single one of us has a whole list of things to be thankful for. May your Thanksgiving reflect your abundance!

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