Forget That New Year's Resolution!

Nor' east Thinkin'

Resolutions aren't worth the breath it takes to say them. A promise, however, is a motivated commitment.

Published on: December 28, 2011

About 1:30 this morning, this revelation sprang to mind. Forego resolution-making. Instead, make a promise to yourself, in writing and big letters. Then hang it where you can see it every morning as a reminder.

A promise has far greater force than a resolution. Since you only get one run on this earth, carefully pick what you promise. If you mess it up, you don’t come back again for a do-over.

There’s one partial exception to that rule, though. Most men are better grandfathers than they were fathers. By the time I reached that stage, I really wished I’d been a better father. Hindsight has always been keener than foresight.

Note: Husband-wife relationships are tougher to do over and too expensive to not do right the first time. Timely repairs pay here, too.

Another revelation is worth sharing: Live each new day of 2012 as if it might be your last – because it could be! And just think what you can accomplish with that sense of urgency!

Such motivation is a powerful driver. Let me give you an oversimplified farming example. Suppose, for instance, you needed $30,000 to make a necessary improvement. So you came to me and asked for it.

If I promised to give you that $30,000 if you raised your 80-cow milking herd average five pounds per day for the next 360 days, would you do it? Absolutely!

You’d be motivated to open your mind to ways to get it done! The best part is that you wouldn’t have to come back to me because that $30,000 and more would already be in your bank account.

Good luck in the coming year. Seize opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

Oh, and don’t ask me for that $30,000. There’s a long-standing line of family members ahead of you.

May your new year bring you great opportunities and high yields!

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