Five Things I Like on My Desk

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What does an ag journalist need, I mean, want, on her desk? Spoiler alert: it's a varied list.

Published on: November 9, 2013

1. Pencils. Yellow. Number 2. (I don't care if I write on a computer. I'm a writer, darnit, and I need pencils!)

2. Colored Sharpie pens. For the pretty. I'm maybe a little obsessed with them and they make my ridiculous handwriting look a little nicer. Actually, a lot nicer. (You know that line in Steel Magnolias where Clairee says, "You have the handwriting of a serial killer"? She was actually talking about me. My husband confirms.)

3. File folders. For the illusion of organization.

Image design by Erin Ehnle, Keeping It Real: Through the Lens of a Farm Girl.
Image design by Erin Ehnle, Keeping It Real: Through the Lens of a Farm Girl.

4. Pictures of my babies. Obviously.

5. Old Prairie Farmers. For the history. And the permanence. And the reminder that what we do is not fleeting but will instead be dug up in an attic by someone's children someday and sold on Ebay. I kid. Sort of.

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  1. Renfield8 says:

    Dear Holly: Great things for inspiration. But don't be so hard on yourself. My Uncle Merle Conklin (who may be the nicest man you ever meet): a handwriting analysis book at my Grandma's said that his unevenly sized letters and crooked lines meant "a person without standards, and this person is not to be trusted." They showed an example of a note that a mental patient returned with a baby whom she stole, to "prove a point." I believe that serial murderers writing is rather orderly and nice, and maybe even pretty. It means nothing, and does not detract away from your awesomeness as a person and a Mom.