Five Movies You'll Probably Hate

Inside Dakota Ag

These movies about how food is produced will probably give you heartburn.

Published on: October 4, 2013

Here are five movies and short films about food and farmers that you’ll probably hate. They were among a list of recommended films suggested by food activists.

  1. The Hidden Cost of Hamburgers: The Center for Investigative Reporting tallies the waht they see as the cost of conventionally-raised beef.
  2. King Corn: Two guys from the East Coast move to Iowa, plant a one-acre crop of corn, and discover how much of the American diet corn infiltrates.
  3. Our Daily Bread: This film offers a look at how food is produced and how food production companies use technology to maximize efficiency and profit. Without using words, the film allows the viewer to form their own opinions through the use of sounds of machinery, conveyor belts at a chicken factory, and the motor of a plane spraying pesticides.
  4. The Meatrix: In 2003, GRACE’s Sustainable Table produced The Meatrix, an short about factory farming.
  5. The Scarecrow: Tex-Mex restaurant corporation Chipotle’s new video is about one scarecrow’s quest to free his local food system from unsustainable, processed foods. For an extra dose of heartburn,  watch this behind the scenes interview with the filmmakers.