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Nor' east Thinkin'

Farming is an overwhelmingly positive endeavor

Published on: August 12, 2010

 This week, I had the privilege of spending a great deal of time with farmers at Empire Farm Days, near Seneca Falls, N.Y. And the one thing that keeps coming to me over and over is how farmers still love what they do, even if they don’t make a lot of money.

That’s because when family, seeing things grow and “being your own boss” are most important in your life, fattening a big bank account becomes secondary. In fact, big bank accounts don’t bring happiness – just the misery of your choosing. Even with the money, there’s still a “hole in the heart” wanting to be filled.

America’s consumers have great respect and admiration for the farmer – because secretly, they wish they had what farmers too often take for granted.

Yes, I’m oversimplifying what farmers do. And yes, we all must pay our bills – unless, of course, you’re “Uncle Sam”. And no, I’m not going to go there (in this column).

My point? Count your blessings! (Put them on paper, and post them on the refrigerator where you can see them every day.) Millions of people in this world live far harder lives, and would swap with you in a heart-beat if they could.

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