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Two youngsters are doing a great job promoting animal ag.

Published on: July 1, 2009

It seems true life is always funnier than fiction. Case in point: I'm still laughing about something that happened last week.

I was at the Master of Beef Advocacy graduation session in Collinsville, Ill. Daren Williams, the program coordinator with National Cattlemen's Beef Association, was explaining how to be advocates for beef in everyday life.

Early on, Williams asked the class if we knew someone who was a practicing vegetarian. Theo Graff was one of the only students who didn't know a vegetarian. Williams asked the 11-year-old Theo if he knew anyone that didn't like beef. After he replied yes, Williams asked Theo why he thought someone would avoid beef.

This is the third class of MBA graduates. Thus far, Theo and Zadok Graff (center, middle row) are the program's youngest graduates.

After thinking a few seconds, Theo said, "Well, probably because they're eating ham. I love ham. It's my favorite food."

For the sake of the pork producers, I hope Theo is right.

It's important to note that Theo and his brother, Zadok, are the youngest graduates of the MBA program. In fact, even before the MBA program came about, these two youngsters have been doing an excellent job promoting animal agriculture through their blog, Their mom, Judi, says they get all sorts of inquiries about farm life.

Check out the Graff's blog. They're a great example of how to promote the good news about animal agriculture.

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