Finally, A Fiscal Cliff Solution!

Nor' east Thinkin'

Since political solutions often defy common sense, consider this common sense solution to our "Fiscal Cliff" that defies politics.

Published on: December 13, 2012

My meek and mild-mannered wife came up with a sure-fire solution for America’s "fiscal cliff". Her common sense answer would likely work even though our nation’s leaders still seem a few bricks short of a remedy.

Back when she was a kid, she got into fights with her brothers. Most of us have been there, done that. Well, in her parents' home, she and her brothers were sent to their rooms, and couldn’t get out of their detention to play again until they resolved their differences.

'Cliff' situation calls for desperate measure

So why not lock President Obama and the House and Senate majority and minority leaders into one room, and they couldn't come out without a deal. Of course, there’d have to be a few rules of engagement.

Food and water would be brought in to speed the process – intellectually and physically. Skip the Ding Dongs though. Enough said on that.

No phone calls allowed. Sorry Mr. President, no advisors. No media updates.

Bathroom privileges might be allowed, although I contend that no such privilege would at least halve deliberation time. No one could leave before resolution, not even the President – unless they’re hauled out to the morgue. In that case, they would be replaced by the next in command. You and I know that desperation heightens the urgency of resolution. America’s citizens are increasingly living with desperation, It’s only right that our leaders should sense it and share in it.

Our homeless shelters are overwhelmed by families that have lost homes. More and more people who want to work can’t find jobs they’re qualified for. And, for ObamaCare to change any definition of fulltime to 30 hours per week was pure lunacy.

It’s only fitting that our nation’s leaders share in our desperation for a solution. They should face the same lunacy – because it would work.

Yes, my wife made me write this.

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