Farm Office Décor Linked to Performance

Managing Talent

Everything from color choice to lighting affects productivity

Published on: November 15, 2013

Walking into my client's farm office I was beyond impressed with the home-built desks and walls covered in old barn wood. It was the perfect blend of professionalism with a showcase of their roots. I am in the process of looking for new office space for our firm and was curious: could an office set-up help or hurt your business?

What I discovered that that there is scientific proof everything from wall color, lighting, ventilation to desks and décor can significantly impact productivity.

Chalk this up to human nature. Whether I am walking into a store, a home or some professional function, how it looks sets the tone. My initial impression of the owners is related to the images that were placed in my head when I set foot inside.

If you want to grow your farm and show your team and everyone else your farm means business, what better way than to set that culture than with the right workspace?

You might be saying right now, that's not practical; as farmers we get dirty; no sense in having nice stuff if it will just get messy. I suggest ditching that mentality. Simply create an office atmosphere in which it is okay to keep the muddy boots on, such as a slate or cement floor.  Make it practical. It doesn't mean it must look like the 70s.

It's not always possible, but windows alone might be worth putting in. In a study conducted by RPI, workers in windowed offices were shown to spend 15% more time staying on task than colleagues in windowless offices.

So you are a person who can do many things - farmers are geared that way.  But maybe you are not the right person for this job. There may be others involved in your business or family who would love to jump in if you gave them the green light.  Give them a budget and let them loose.

It's nearing the end of harvest season; it might be the perfect time for a makeover.