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Take a trip back through 2011 via articles featured in the Ohio Farmer.

Published on: December 30, 2011

The older you get the faster time flies. As a result 2011 was the fastest year on record. It seems like about six months ago that I wrote in the January 2011 Ohio Farmer that Gov. John Kasich told the Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting, “This is not your father’s agriculture. Get the word out ag is cool.”

So it must have been about five months ago that David and Peggy Thompson’s barn in Navarre was picked first in the Ohio Farmer Beautiful Barn Photo Contest in the February 2011 issue. Then was it really just over four months ago that I visited Gallipolis to interview Patrick Saunders, the Ohio Cattlemen’s Young Cattleman of the Year for the March issue?

That seems right because it sure feels like less than three months since I wrote about entrepreneur Cathy Horton putting soybean oil to use as a lubricants and Perry Clutts milking his organic cows in Circleville. Were those really the April and May issues of 2011?

Haymaker Scott Myers of Woodlyn Acres in Dalton graced the June cover, which I recall editing what seems like a couple of months ago at most. And no one will forget Paul Pullins’ pink Bron drainage plow in July or Mohsem Amiran showing his manure conversion technology to the farmers of Ag Solutions on the August cover. Could those really have been published a month ago, like it seems?

Wow that means I finished up writing about the Young Guns of the Farm Science Review about 30 days ago. The October issue said “Thanks” to Bobby Moser a couple of weeks ago. And the Jim Zehringer was still director of agriculture when I wrote about him a few days ago in the November issue. So it must have been yesterday that I visited Ghana and wrote the story for the December issue.

Where does the time go?

You can take a trip back through the Ohio Farmer time machine by clicking on the “More” tab at the right of the green bar at the top of the home page. Here’s hoping 2012 is just as much fun but goes by a little slower.

Happy New Year to all and thanks for reading.