Fall Farm Shows: Taking it all In

Farmer Iron

In one week I'll be buried in the new tech at the Farm Progress Show, seeing equipment and farm tools that help you produce food for the world.

Published on: August 20, 2013

It's almost time. My in-box is filling up with more appointments than an ER doc as companies want to tell the world just what they'll have on hand at the 2013 Farm Progress Show, and later at the 2013 Husker Harvest Days. This is a big time at our company, especially as we've added new publications that are now part of our bigger family.

But at the end of the day, next week is about The Show. We're gearing up. We're making packing plans. We're planning travel, transportation and logistics. And that's just editors, can't imagine how farmers who are going to join us next week feel. It's a chance for us to see each other. I talk with a lot of you at the show and this year is no different. I'll reach out to chat and learn about what you've come to see and get a handle on what you're striving to figure out.

LINING UP: Crowds will fill the streets of Progress City near Decatur, Ill., next week for the 2013 Farm Progress Show.
LINING UP: Crowds will fill the streets of Progress City near Decatur, Ill., next week for the 2013 Farm Progress Show.

The iron you'll have on hand, from the new Case IH machines with their new-tech engines, to hot new products from John Deere and even a new big combine from Agco will be just icing on the cake of an event with more than 600 exhibitors on hand, and most have something new to talk about.

These days as the farm tech gets more intense, the show is an even more important tool for connecting with what's new and learning about how it may be applied in your operation. The range of shortliners on hand with tools from tenders to grain carts, augers to livestock equipment boggles even my mind and I've been paid to go to the show for 16 years just as an employee here!

So saddle up, it's time to put on comfortable shoes. Plan your way around the show using tools available at the site and get ready to see the newest, latest equipment, seed, crop protection tech and more all in one place. Whether you're heading for Decatur next week or Grand Island two weeks later - or Ohio after that - you'll find plenty to see at the fall farm shows.

And hopefully we'll get to connect and chat. I'm always interested in hearing what you want to learn from us as we produce our magazines and websites. See you next week!