Ever Since 9-11

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For me, the first "where were you" moment was September 11, 2001.


Published on: September 11, 2008

For me, the first "where were you" moment was September 11, 2001.


I was still in college, at the fraternity house, when I first heard the news. Seven years later, the terrorist attacks are still a prevalent part of our culture. I was reminded of this last week.


When September rolled around this year, I was excited for harvest and the beginning of cool weather (I love the winter). Only last week was I reminded that Sept. 11 was just around the corner.


My wife and I were in Chicago last weekend for a mini-vacation. As we walked past the Chicago Board of Trade on Saturday afternoon, I thought it would be cool to see the trading floor.


Looking like a kid in a candy store, I hurried inside where I was met by a security guard. I explained who I was, even going so far to point out my Farm Progress hat (thank you Rosemary and Renee).


The security guard was very understanding, but he said "Ever since 9-11" and went on to say you had to have clearance to view the trading floor.


Those three words have become a part of our culture since the attack. Say them, and everyone immediately knows exactly what you mean.


Every now and then, I'll watch a movie set in the 1950s. It's great to imagine living in what many call our golden age. Full of the American Dream, we felt there was nothing we couldn't do.


For me, I remember a time before 9-11 when you didn't have to take off your shoes before boarding an airplane. We had to pass through a rigorous security screening before going to the top of the Sears Tower. I doubt this was common practice ten years ago.


Today, don't forget to remember the people who died seven years ago. But, along with that, try to remember what it was like before 9-11.