Even A Tree Can Have A Shining Moment

Nor' east Thinkin'

In a wooded clearing, a scraggly evergreen tree stood straight, almost majestically, robed in fresh snow.

Published on: December 27, 2013

At least once in your life, you’ve probably been struck by the awesome beauty of a simple tree. A couple weeks ago, my wife and I were stopped in our tracks by such a tree – naturally flocked by wintery white flakes.

We in agriculture are blessed with many such moments for reveling in nature’s beauty. That’s one of the most awesome benefits of rural America – if we take the time.

Yes, I know some of you may be groaning, especially after surviving two or three weeks of hard winter – before it officially arrived. And yes, it’s hard to revel amid shoveling snow, muddy cow barns, frozen pipes and tanks or worse. Then there are you "bah-humbuggers.

DRESSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Mother Nature created this eye-catching moment.
DRESSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Mother Nature created this eye-catching moment.

But such reflective, restorative moments come to lift one’s spirits. Then they pass.

So seize those moments!

Beneath that white cloak was an evergreen that probably never before looked so majestic. Its magical moment likely passed quickly as the sun warmed its limbs. And, without its winter finery, that tree returned to being just another tree in the woods.

So when you see such moments, pause and enjoy them. Likewise, when families and friends gather during special times, savor those moments as well.

Those moments, too, shall pass and may never return. Let them enrich your life, so they endure as good memories.