Ethanol is playing nice

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Corn hasn't polluted any beaches -- so why is the ethanol industry not using the spill in the Gulf to change some minds?

Published on: June 1, 2010

Ethanol’s playing nice

I’ve been waiting for ethanol to take advantage of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to score some public relations points with the American people.

Supporters could run an ad with a farmer standing in front in a lush green corn field. In the background there could be birds twittering and deer peeking out of the end rows. A pheasant might even fly across the screen.

And the farmer would say,“Yup, corn ethanol hasn’t ruined any beaches lately.”

But instead, the top stories on the Internet today are about how critics say that the latest report from the Renewable Fuels Association that ethanol saves taxpayers $200-$400 per year is polluted by “fussy math.”

Fuzzy math? It’s about polluted beaches, folks. It’s about oil slicks floating around the Gulf of Mexico. It’s about the biggest man-made pollution event in history.

Corn ethanol is green, GREEN, GREEN.

So why the silence? Could it be because the ethanol refiners have to sell their product to oil companies to get it to consumers?