Drought Persists As Calendar Says Nov.; But It's 86 Degrees

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October is 8th driest on record in Kansas; fears of drought persist as November brings record heat and no rain

Published on: November 5, 2012

The calendar says it is Nov. 2 but you sure couldn’t prove it by the weather.

Wichita  set a record highof 86 today before another cold front is set to move through tonight and drops us back to the 60s for weekend highs. Not that the 60s seem particularly November-ish either.

What’s troubling, however; is that like the previous cold front that dropped temperatures here 50 degrees overnight – and eventually turned the torrential rains of Hurricane Sandy to a blizzard in Virginia and North Carolina – there is no rain involved. Persistent drought just keeps hanging on.

It’s especially scary when the weather conditions that normally produce clouds and rain bring nothing but wind and dust. Tonight’s cold front carries with it a hazardous weather warning – but it is high fire danger that drives the warning, not the chance for thunderstorms.

The entire month of October brought Wichita, and much of southern Kansas, only 0.32 inches of rain and the state is still more than 75% in the worst two categories of drought – extreme and exceptional – on the U.S. Drought Monitor.

Drought Persists As Calendar Says Nov.; But It's 86 Degrees

October tied with 1965 for the eighth-driest October on record. The absolutely driest Octobers were 1952 and 1958 when rainfall was zero.

Worse yet, the long-range forecast continues to call for drought to persist not only in Kansas but for most of the Great Plains through Jan. 31.

We have had some overnight  lows described as killing frost. But the snapdragons in my front flower bed and the geraniums in the front porch pot don’t seem to have gotten the message. They continue to bloom their little plant hearts out, oblivious to the fact that I just replaced the Halloween wreath on the door with the Thanksgiving one.

Drought Persists As Calendar Says Nov.; But It's 86 Degrees