Don't Wait To Tune Up the Dryer

Prairie Gleanings

Corn is sure to come out wet this year. Can your dryer handle it?

Published on: May 22, 2009

With so many folks out planting, I probably should have saved this blog for later. However, I don't think this reminder can wait.


As soon as you park the tractor, check your dryer! Last week, I spent the morning with Gary Woodruff, GSI product information manager. From top to bottom, Woodruff painstakingly showed me every belt, gas connection, auger and electrical box that needs to be checked.


Woodruff also ran down a list of common problems that occur when the dryer is first fired up. Many folks don't check the gas train for leaks. Others don't ensure the augers are free of debris before loading it. Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes, not making sure the unload auger works prior to loading the dryer. Save yourself some shoveling and make sure things work prior to loading, Woodruff recommends.


If you do have a problem, you'll be so glad you caught it this summer. Not to mention, getting a technician to your farm will be a lot easier. In the July Prairie Farmer, I'll have more of Woodruff's tips for preparing for what's sure to be a wet harvest.