Don and Dorothy's Excellent Adventure

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Our bottle calves made a round-trip to town so a group of elementary kids could learn about beef production.

Published on: March 18, 2011
This is Dorothy. She went to town last week.

But she came home! (sorry, salebarn joke)

Dorothy belongs to Jenna.

This is Don. Don belongs to Nathan. He went to town, too. But he came home!

Don and Dorothy, though new to the farm, made their debut at our kids' elementary school last week. Nathan's kindergarten teacher got the ball rolling, asking if we could bring them to school for all the kids to see. Mrs. Sims, you see, loves stuff like this. In a few more weeks, she'll have eggs incubating and chicks hatching, right in the classroom.

So we loaded up the calves and brought 'em to town.

The kids each fed their calves, while John talked beef in elementary terms.

He told how this little calf weighs maybe 100 pounds right now. But when he grows up, he'll weigh 1,300 pounds. Then, he'll become hamburger to feed lots of hungry people.

Nathan loved it. In fact, the phrase "height of his glory" kept coming to mind. He really is good with animals. And he's the master of the understatement. After the calves were back on the trailer and I walked him back to class, he said, "Dat was kinda fun."

And of course, the calves pooped. It was one of the greater moments. As the kindergarteners began to "ewwwww" and carry on, Mrs. Sims called out, "If you EAT…." 

And 50 little voices answered as if on cue, "….you POOP!"

And that was the end of that. You'd think they'd talked about that a lot in kindergarten or something.

And here? There's a calf in here somewhere.

One little girl was convinced, as she walked out to see the calves, they were dogs. Then, goats. Eventually, she agreed with us that they are, in fact, calves. And as Mrs. Sims pointed out, we may be a rural community but very, very few of these kids have any idea what happens on a farm, nor would they likely ever see a bovine this close.

It was a good day. And then Dorothy and Don climbed onto the trailer, and went back home. Imagine what they must have told the other calves in the barn.

The end.

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  1. Judy says:

    Great story. I loved seeing Nathan and Jenna. I think the kids at Genesee Christian School up here would love to have calves visit them at school. I'm also sure they have NO idea about calves. See you Wed. night.

  2. BlackInkLaura says:

    Great story, Holly! Looks like the kiddos loved it, and what a great learning experience! Your posts are so fun to read. :) -Laura