Dakota names at Ag Media summit

Inside Dakota Ag

Dakota farmers Dan Forgery, Bob Metz and Rick Ostlie know the power of cow peas, turnips, lentils and soybeans.

Published on: July 28, 2010

The names of a couple Dakota farmers came up while I was visiting with companies exhibiting at the annual Ag Media Summit in St. Paul, Minn., this week.

Dan Forgey, Gettsyburg, S.D., is on the cover of the latest Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education report. He received a SARE grant to test the introduction of crop crops in an 8,500 acre no-till system. Assisted  by researchers from USDA, SDSU and other institution, Forgey found that on his farm a mix of trurnips, cowpeas and lentils increased corn yields 18-20 bushels over control plots for a $14 increase in net increase in profit.

That's the power of cover crops.

While talking to folks in the American Soybean Association booth, they asked me if I knew Bob Metz, West Browns Valley, S.D., and Rick Ostlie, Northwood, N.D. Both served as ASA presidents. I've interviewed them both so of course I knew who they were. What I didn’t know is that Bob’s son and Rick’s daughter met at Commodity Classic several years ago and are now married.

Talk about the power of soybean!