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Information we learned today: Amazon sells pressure switches. And they don’t charge ridiculous fees!

Published on: June 2, 2010

John, my generally unflappable husband, came home for lunch grumbling today.

“Some companies just don’t want to do business,” he said. He held out a little pressure switch from the Tru Count row shutoffs on the planter, and told me how it had quit working. He called Neff Company, the local Deere dealer, to get a new one. They told him to call Tru Count, which is now owned by Trimble.

So he called Tru Count. The representative there said they could only sell them through dealers. John asked him, "You can't just sell me this one little pressure switch?" Nope, can't do it, the rep replied. So John called Neff’s again. Their guy looked into it, and said Tru Count required a $100 minimum order. Anything under that got charged an extra $40. The pressure switch was $23.

While I got lunch, John looked it up on Amazon. They really do sell anything. Same pressure switch was $17. We added a box of diapers, met the $25 minimum for free shipping, and we were golden.

As John said, it would’ve taken the Tru Count guy all of five minutes to grab the switch off the shelf and stick it in the mail. Thanks to Amazon, a minor victory was had on the Spangler farm, which after getting rained out of bean planting again last night, felt like maybe more than a minor victory.

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  1. Don Burnikel says:

    We have been in the crp program for 10 years and last year we resigned up for 5 more years. We are now finanically strapped. Inflation has made our cash flow very serious. We can't afford to get out of the contract and are finding it very hard to make ends meet.We also have done all the paper work to help with the expensives that we have encountered and recieve no reinversement of any kind. We have burned every year and keep in mowed neatly. We have even recieved a letter of excellency on the job, but not a dime to help. Don and Pam Burnikel

  2. Keith says:

    After checking all the fuses myself, I paid a Toyota Dealer $47 today to tell me my lighter plug (cell phone, GPS, lap top etc mobile power outlet) didn't work because it had a penny in it. If only Amazom made service house calls.