Curt's Crystal Clear Ag Predictions for 2014

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Forget Nostradamus. Here are my predictions for the farm in the coming New Year.

Published on: December 31, 2013

You know Nostradamus. The reputed seer living in 1500s France published a collection of prophecies that have since become famous. Of course, most folks attribute any resemblance of Nostradamus predictions to real life happenings as tenuous at best, but still, his often cryptic predictions have captured the imaginations of many.

Well, in the spirit of the infamous seer, I have looked long and hard into my own pastures for inspiration, hoping to make predictions for the coming year that are just as clear, concise and hold as closely to real life as those made by Nostradamus centuries ago. So, put everything on hold, quiet down the kids, shut down the TV and radio, because these are my top five predictions.

  1. Congress will pass and the President will sign a new, comprehensive five-year Farm Bill, unless partisanship in Congress runs too deep and the conference committee is unable to compromise and resolve the differences on both sides in cuts to SNAP funding, and legislators somehow decide that another one-year extension is a better option.
  2. We will have a bumper crop year, unless we run into another early, dry Spring like 2012, with high winds and excessive temperatures all summer long wilting plants in the fields OR spring comes late and wet, making fields impossible to plant until late into the season and many fields that are planted get flooded out.
  3. Grain markets will continue to cool down, unless there is a weather calamity in South America or China or Russia, upsetting the growing seasons there and jeopardizing grain carryover stocks worldwide OR there is another weather hiccup in the U.S., with extremely hot or extremely cold and wet conditions (see previous prediction).
  4. Land and rental prices will temper, unless stock markets tank, federal debt becomes more of a worry, or some other unforeseen tragedy makes other markets less palatable and raises the value of investments like land, OR if grain prices swing sharply back up on weather scares here or elsewhere (see previous two predictions).
  5. Last, but not least, my greatest prediction for the coming New Year and the one that I have the most confidence in is (drumroll)…New Year’s Day will be cold and snowy…somewhere.

Do you see what I mean? These predictions are about as clear as mud and as concise as the assembly instructions for my son’s Christmas toys. In other words, don’t bank on anything and be prepared for everything. Not even Nostradamus and the translators who have been trying to unlock his mystique know exactly what will come up in 2014. I suppose we should be grateful for our blessings and continue to pray for each other and for a healthy, prosperous year for all. That’s about the best we can do.

Here is this week’s discussion question. What are your predictions for the coming New Year? You can share your thoughts and discussion right here.

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