Congress Sleeping On The Job

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Hopefully Congress comes back rested because this year didn't bring many legislative accomplishments.

Published on: December 27, 2013

"America was built on partisanship….and rest."

My husband gave me a prank box for a "NapSack" this year for Christmas, and on one spot was a picture of President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and then Rep. John Boehner (R- Ohio) with a sack over his head with that headline above it.

"Ignoring the other side of the aisle has never been easier. Democrats and Republicans agree that the NapSack TM offers seclusion when opposing political agendas are being touted.

"Dually purposed, it aides in keeping a closed mind and provides some much needed rest from the high-paced political life. Quite simply, the NapSack TM  is instrumental for a fresh and divided Washington."

My husbands prank box he gave me this Christmas really may not be a prank!
My husband's prank box he gave me this Christmas really may not be a prank!

Funny, but true isn't?

Kind of wondering if Congress got much sleep this year? It isn't like some of the most pressing issues are keeping them up late, or even at work longer.

When we take stock of what they've accomplished this year here's what we've got on the big ticket items for agriculture.

No farm bill.

Strong bipartisanship on a waterways bill but no conference report to show for it.

Immigration bill that landed dead on arrival in the House.

A government shutdown that showed Congress can't live up to its self-imposed deadlines.

Budget talks ended up increasing our spending limit to $1 trillion annually.

When it comes to legislative accomplishments, there just isn't much to be proud of in 2013. Let's hope Congress comes back from their holiday refreshed and renewed. Because I'm tired of them sleeping on the job.

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  1. Tom in IN says:

    "Sleeping on the Job" is being too kind. As we found out with the Budget "deal" (who's it a deal for?), Democrats and most "Republicans" will work together. Then, there's that group of non-Republican "Republicans" who act like 4 year olds throwing a temper tantrum - because they cannot understand what is happening. Speaker Boehner must seek to "promote the general Welfare" by precluding these little children from further impeding the business of the People.