Coming Soon: Video From the Field

Prairie Gleanings

Expect to start seeing live video on the website in the coming weeks.

Published on: June 13, 2011
It arrived last week: Prairie Farmer’s new Kodak Playtouch digital video camera. After shooting some test video around the house, I’m ready to take this thing on the road.

Hopefully sometime next week we’ll have something to put on the web for your enjoyment. I’ll be making a trip to Decatur. Farm Progress Show manager Matt Jungmann has promised me a show update. Should be a good interview.

In today’s digital video age, the tripod is typically the largest piece of video equipment. The Playtouch camera is about the size of a cell phone. The entire setup cost approximately $400. While that doesn’t include the cost for editing software, that’s not a bad price point for entering the video market.

I’m looking forward to bringing you video updates from the various seminars, field days and product demos I attend. Also, it will be great to post updates from the field with this thing.

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