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Published on: June 25, 2013

A little Show-Me sense
While I am one who appreciates sound science, I also think there needs to be a little common sense. For instance, when it is hot, I do not feel like eating. There could be the most nutritious meal of steak and potatoes and if it is hot, I am not taking a bite. So, weight loss can occur if you do not eat.

As for the bison being fatter in South Dakota, well, this is a cold state. Bison need to have that extra layer of "protection" or fat to remain warm in winter. Surely, there is something to be said for genetics and adaptation in this argument.

There is truly no excuse for my extra layers. Despite living in a warmer state, I have not experienced the weight loss results similar to that of the bison. Maybe it is because when I sit down for a summer meal, it is often in an air-conditioned restaurant or home. Perhaps, I should move my eating venue outside for the summer months to reap the benefits of the climate change weight loss program.