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Nominate your favorite Missouri farm wife or farmer

Published on: March 8, 2013

They are the often unseen cogs in the wheels that make a farming operation turn smoothly throughout the day. Whether it is tending to newborn calves, running to town for parts or cooking the noon meal, women play such a vital role in agriculture.

This year the Missouri State Fair and Monsanto are teaming up to honor those women who make a difference in Missouri agriculture.

The Women in Agriculture contest was recently launched by the Missouri State Fair in an effort to acknowledge the significant contributions women make to the state's leading industry. And they are not just looking for one woman. They will be selecting two winners. Each woman will receive a $1,000 cash donation from Monsanto, dedicated for an agriculture-related cause of her choice.

Nominate your favorite Missouri farm wife or farmer
Nominate your favorite Missouri farm wife or farmer

The first award is the Missouri Woman in Agriculture Award, for those women ages 31 and older. Another award for women ages 18-30 is named the Missouri Women in Agriculture Rising Star Award. The Missouri State Fair will be looking for those individuals who have leadership roles in the state's agriculture industry, those who promote the industry and those who have been involved with the state fair.

The two contest winners will be honored Aug. 15 at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia.  Special promotions on women will be available this day, including free gate admission for all women, and a free showcase called Missouri Travel Council Celebrating Women, to be held in the Lowell Mohler Assembly Hall.

The contest rules and application forms are available online at www.mostatefair.com/ag-contest>, with entries being accepted now through March 29.The Missouri State Fair will be held Aug. 8-18 in Sedalia.

So consider applying yourself, or nominating your choice, for the new Missouri Woman in Agriculture Contest.