In Case You Haven't Noticed . . .

Nor' east Thinkin'

These are not business as usual times. Here are five reasons why those who are not changing with the times may drive themselves out of farming.

Published on: January 13, 2012

If you’re planning to market remaining grain inventories on your “usual” schedule, you’re likely to lose what I call “opportunity income”. There’s good reason why grain trucks have been speeding by my office on their way to markets at a much higher rate than normal.

If you intend to forego crop insurance coverage because you’ve never liked laying out that extra cash, you’re probably going to lose out on guaranteed revenue from crops plus payments based on planting-time prices. And you’re likely still “going bare”, without contracting grain sales at already peaked prices. The crop insurance sign-up deadline is March 15.

If you’ve already decided to stick with your same-old, same-old corn weed and insect control program, your fields are prime targets for resistant weeds an insects. Your pestilence enemies are learning from your mistakes and adapting at a much faster rate than ever expected.

If you expect to spread manure during winter like you always have, you may be in for a rude and costly awakening as more than one Northeast dairy farmer has discovered this winter. Environmental “antis” are watching closer than ever. Refresh yourself on your state’s nutrient management laws.

Think that your rental landowners aren’t watching what’s happening to land prices and rental rates? Think again! And while you’re thinking, study up on flexible cash rent leases that flex with grain markets.

Your February American Agriculturist issue will be covering all these topics. Watch for it in your mailbox within the next two weeks.

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