Canadian Adventure To Another Vancouver A Surprise

Western Ag Vignettes

Same city name, but vast differences.

Published on: May 21, 2013

The mountains against which the city is set – Whistler and brethren --  makes the scene one of high camera use.

To say the least, Vancouver, BC, is a place to visit as a destination. But, don’t stop there. An island – also called Vancouver – is just across the water where the British flavored city of Victoria and the exquisite Butchart  Gardens are located.

So, we returned to OUR little Vancouver much impressed, even if we thought we were not going to be. It was an eye-opener.

One caution about visiting Canada via I-5. Don’t get in the NEXUS lane when entering that nation. Somehow, when crossing the border, I got into the lane that is exclusive for those with monthly passes, and the customs people didn’t like it at all.

They diverted our car aside, and we had to go into a big scary building to  show our passports and answer questions about our Grandmother’s dog’s sire and what in the world were we thinking to get into the prized NEXUS lane!!!

After a while, a lady called up back from our assigned seats and returned our scanned passports, which obviously did not turn out to be on the Interpol watchlist, and we were able to  drive on into Canada.

My wife thought it was funny ( I was driving).
I thought I would spend 20 years in BC provincial prison!