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This morning’s coffee gathering was abuzz about how John McCain a...

Published on: October 8, 2008

This morning’s coffee gathering was abuzz about how John McCain and Barack Obama faired in their televised debate. One gentleman summed the election up nicely: “It’s Barack Obama’s to lose.” And, you probably wouldn’t argue.


The G.O.P. (Republicans, for you non-history buff) is to blame, not McCain. And it was apparent even by February that they were “out of gas” and had no spark. Elected Republicans in New York State (Yes, there are a few.) were quoted in the media about the absence of the “farm team”.  It’s as if the Republican Party saw the prophetic handwriting on the wall, and deserted.


By mid-August, the Obama camp had picked their national Rural Americans steering committee. And I was receiving at least one e-mail a day extolling Obama and/or bashing McCain.


The very first e-mail from McCain-Palin 2008 arrived on Oct. 6, just 29 days before we go to the polls. It announced McCain’s “Prosperity for Rural America” statement and the campaign’s farm and ranch national steering committee. The list included only three from the Northeast – two Pennsylvania Master Farmers and Congressman Joe Pitts.


You may have seen the candidates’ positions on ag issues in American Agriculturist’s October issue or on this Web site. The Obama camp returned their answers within days of receiving the questions.


Yours truly had to ask one of the two Master Farmers to “tail twist” the McCain camp. It was promptly done, and we soon had their response – a last-minute effort.


The Democrats have opened more rural offices than any other Democratic presidential candidate, and have feverishly worked to recruit new voters. They’re everywhere on the Web, and even opened an office on the square in our one-stoplight town.


Of course, it helps when you have deep pockets stuffed with money – which Obama does. You and I would have major differences with some of the individuals that stuffed that money in. But that’s another matter.


Maybe the Republican Party wants four years of democratic domination so it can come back with its new star – heiress-apparent Palin.


By now, you’ve guessed that I’d be soundly rejected as a candidate for America’s Liberal Elite Club. I wouldn’t be able to pay the dues anyway.


If motivating people were the sole reason for voting, Obama deserves to win.  

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