The Calming Sound of an Aeration Fan Roaring

Husker Home Place

Forget waterfalls and babbling brooks, and give me the roar of an aeration fan drying a bountiful harvest.

Published on: November 19, 2013

You can buy these CDs with calming sounds like babbling brooks, waterfalls and ocean waves. They have CDs with tweeting birds and crickets chirping in the night. All of these are meant to bring calm and peace to our busy, noisy lives.

Forget it. None of these help me out at all. If I want to hear birds and crickets, I only need to open a window to hear these sounds in abundance, along with bellowing cows, yelping coyotes and turkeys gobbling in our grove. These are peaceful sounds, there is no doubt.

For me though, rain falling on the rooftop in the summer and the roar of a grain bin aeration fan in the fall are the most calming sounds of all. I can sleep most soundly this time of year when the fans are running. Lately, with an abundance of corn being hauled from fields around the region, fans are running on almost every available bin. When our fans are off here at home, I can hear my neighbors’ fans running.

In many ways, it is calming for more than one reason. The constant roar has a comfortable monotony to it, and is calming by itself. But the fact that we have enough corn this year that needs to be dried is a comfort that we did not experience last season.

I can recall as a kid, loving the sound of aeration and grain dryer fans running, including the lower, deeper roar of the burner in the drying bin. When we had family or friends visiting during harvest season, they often commented that the fans kept them awake. Not for me. If it is harvest time, we know that those fans mean that the growing season was successful and we have an abundant harvest to store.

Here is this week’s discussion question. What is the most comforting sound to you around your farm? You can leave your observations and thoughts right here.

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