Build A Winning Team On Your Ranch

The Grazier's Art

Lead your team by example, intelligence and creativity and create the most value for all involved.

Published on: February 6, 2014

Unless we work totally alone it is important to be part of a winning team.

People are drawn to teams that are successful; just look at the most popular sports teams. Usually what makes them popular is they win on a regular basis and/or they became famous by excelling in their particular sport.

There is a sense of pride when you become part of a successful team, be it in sports or on a ranch/farm.

When we specify our goals and the why of the things we are doing to and with our team, things start to fall in place, as everyone wants their team to succeed and to win. Remember your team may likely include your family.

The belief you are accomplishing something important and worthy makes people want to make the extra effort. This effort, together with good leadership, inspires exceptional results. Good leadership occurs when you explain the how, where and why to your team and then back off while still monitoring.

In every team there is a captain or leader. This leader should be a natural leader who cares about his team. He must not only care about the results and must remember people need to be held accountable but also treated with care and dignity.

Another important behavior is finishing what is started before beginning a new project -- unless it is an emergency. It is a mistake to be always starting new projects before finishing the last ones because the team players will feel used and that all-important feeling of accomplishment you should be cultivating will go out the window.

Finally, be mindful that feeling pride of what you and your team are achieving is the best motivator. It may be wise to compare your ranch results with others in order for your team to see how they are doing, perhaps even on an international comparison, as I believe we should be world players and not only local ones.

Make the most out of your team by guiding them with example, intelligence and creativity!