Breaking Harvest Records

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Company makes a run at a new record for wheat harvest. Looks like they made it.

Published on: November 15, 2011

Claas, the harvest company - likes to make and use big combines. There's no question they like to test 'em out too. This week during Agritechnica - the big farm show in Germany - the company announced it had hit a new world record for wheat harvest.

Count it up - in 8 hours using a 770 Lexion Terra Trac combine - the company harvested 24,832 bushels of wheat. The combine was outfitted with a Vario 40-foot head and the event took place near Swaby, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. The 13-person harvesting team hit the record in the first 8 hours of a 20-hour harvesting trial.

That Lexion combine is equipped with the company's Accelerated Pre-Separation threshing system and the Roto Plus separation system - they call it the APS Hybrid System.

When the combine started rolling early in the morning, moisture content was 18%. In-cab adjustment capability apparently allowed the operator to keep up with conditions that ranged from 14.5% to 18% moisture throughout the full 20-hour harvesting period.

Claas Lexion 770 world record
PUSHING THE LIMIT: The Claas 770 combine set a new record for wheat harvest - pulling in 24,832 bushels in just 8 hours.

There are some interesting facts about that 8-hour record. The team saw an 11% improvement over the fuel consumption used in the last record - set in 2008 for the same category. The combine operator was also able to keep moving thanks to GPS Pilot automatic steering, Cruise Pilot for throughput control and the CEMOS setting assistance system (for in-cab control of the threshing system).

As for the bigger 20-hour harvest? The team used two harvester drivers, covered 319 acres and harvested more than 50,000 bushels of wheat. The company claims grain losses were .31 to .5% throughout the harvest period. All weights and other measures have been verified by a Guinness World Records representative.

You can check out pictures of the harvest day by visiting the press release page that tells more about the event.

Records are interesting for sure, but note that 50,000 bushels in 319 acres is a wheat yield at 156-plus bushels per acre. They know how to push yields in the UK.