Blessings For A Double Crop

Inside Dakota Ag

A Red River Valley farm couple are paying it forward to a minister they met in Jamaica

Published on: December 13, 2010

At the recent Prairie Grains Conference in Grand Forks, Brian and Deb Lacey were greeting me at the door to the reception hall. We got to talking about how their crops turned out and they said their good year might be too to the blessings of a Jamaican minister.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

During their vacation last winter, they took time to go to Sunday church service.

The minister appreciated seeing them. They were apparently one of the few couples from the resort who took time out to attend mass.

“You will have a double crop this year,” the minister said, blessing them.

Brian says he wasn’t sure what the minister meant. They couldn’t grow a double crop on their farm in the Red River Valley. Their growing season was too short to bring two crops to full maturity.

But as it turned out, the 2010 weather was ideal and the market prices high at harvest. The combination gave them the equilvant of a double crop.

“We’re going back to Jamaica this year,” Deb said, laughing, “to do mission work with the minister we met.”

Amen to that.