Beef Producers Backbone of Society

Beefs and Beliefs

Beef Checkoff survey says far more beef producers volunteer time to communities than average Americans.

Published on: April 4, 2011

I read just the end of last week that nearly one-half of beef producers volunteer with youth organizations, and more than one-third donate their time to other civic organizations. That compares with a national average of 7% of all Americans who undertake such civic duties.

This information was in a survey from the Beef Board about the social responsibility of beef producers. You can read it at

I think that’s a real bragging point for us and it shows we’re closer to our roots and our understanding that “if I don’t do it nobody will.” Actually, I suspect a great deal of this is faith-based volunteering.

Bravo and hats off to you!

We can all brag on this to our town neighbors and city cousins. If you’re one of those who works to better your community, your voice should be heard even louder.

I realize it’s not always in our nature to brag; in fact it often goes against the modest belief system many of us have. But the survey results might be a good way to open a conversation with people about why you believe it’s important to give of yourself to make our world a better place.