Be Thankful For What You Don't Have!

Nor' east Thinkin'

One familty's painful loss reminds us all to count our blessings

Published on: November 24, 2010


Thanksgiving will be an extremely difficult one for a certain young couple in Illinois. Last Saturday, Josh Flint, one of my counterparts in Farm Progress, and wife Tiffany laid to rest their two-year-old son. Lucas passed in his mother's arms after a grueling six-month battle with leukemia.

If you've lost a child, especially a young one, you know the grief coming with that loss. That heart-breaking pain ebbs so slowly, and never completely heals until you come together again in Heaven.

If you haven't experienced that pain, then count it as one of your blessings. Too often, we dwell on our ill fortunes and inconveniences while we tend to forget our good fortunes and take far too much for granted.

So if you have adequate food, a reasonably warm house to live in, and family that treasures each other, be sure to count those as your blessings. If you have reasonably good health and friends, be sure to count them as well.

For every problem you might have, 10 million people have 10-fold your troubles, and would trade them with you in a heartbeat.

Your greatest blessing may be that you live in these United States of America in this era, in freedom and promise of prosperity unequaled by any country on earth.

That's my message, my hope for your Thanksgiving.

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