Bacon Breakfast Leads Me To Ponder Media Bias

Beefs and Beliefs

Seek out your news from unconventional sources to avoid media bias and find truth.

Published on: February 1, 2013

I was drinking coffee and savoring my bacon this morning and I was pondering why bacon is the single meat product which beef can't outdo.

Everything else from the beef animal is tastier than pork or chicken. Even ham pales in comparison with well-prepared beef. Beef ribs are better than pork ribs. So why is bacon better?

I think it's two things: the nature and texture of pork fat and of pork meat. It can take salt preservation/preparation and still be edible. Beef never fared well in the days when salt was the only method of preservation. Pork was salted, put in barrels and shipped all over the world. Not beef. When it's heavily salted and overcooked, it becomes inedible.

The bacon-beef line of thinking was early, however, just as I began to seek out and read my news for the day. Then my ponderings became more serious.

I actually do "seek out" my news. I don't sit back and take news in like many people. Dozens of years ago I quit using television, then I quit most mainstream newspapers and news magazines, and finally I gave up National Public Radio as just too Marxist-biased. I still consume news bits from these sources and from dozens of others and I occasionally check some of the more progressive-fascist material just to keep up with them.

Instead of traditional "news" outlets today I use a host of internet-delivered newsletters and news services, plus I sometimes do searches and information consumption based on social media hot buttons.

The reason I'm so anti-big-media is I've learned the general media can't be trusted and that their idea of "news" is nothing more than material massaged to fit their ideas.

In my lifetime big media has become increasingly biased and I've personally watched them get things wrong again and again. I've seen them write and broadcast reports based entirely upon their biases, ignoring all facts, until I can't stand it anymore.

In some of my news gathering today I happened across this article in the American Thinker by Theodore Dawes. It's an awesome expose on just how far out of touch with reality most journalists are.

Dawes makes several great points in this piece. One is that in all his years he's never interviewed a young journalist who knew the purpose of a newspaper.

The true answer is to make money for its publishers.

Rather, the young journalists foolishly believe what their professors told them: They are there to change the world. Dawes said this wrongheadedness nonetheless plays well into the hands of media owners, who generally pay their "journalists" in chump change.

Another particularly poignant point from Dawes is this: "There is no such thing as journalistic objectivity. Most news consumers believe the news they're receiving is 'objective' simply because they're told it is. It's a well-known psychological phenomenon, commonly referred to as a 'big lie.'"

Dawes' jaded opinion of reporting says the theme of  "objectivity" was introduced sometime early in the last century. He says the result wasn't objective news but rather news that was found unobjectionable by all.

He says this characterless news and comment proved to be a great business model because it was sold to the public as purely factual and utterly untainted by bias, as if there is such a thing.

But the truth is that all news comes through a human being and therefore has filters of bias inherent therein.

This is exactly what I say!

I may be right but I'm not unbiased.

The problem is we have for several generations now been fed the Marxist-progressive, anti-business, oversimplified poison of the ivory-tower elitists whom we mistakenly allowed to educate our children.

It has become so insipid, along with a general ignorance of history and the Judeo-Christian underpinnings of all Western society, that we scarcely recognize it and we even shrink from it at times in self defense.

This great premise is well explored at times by Bill Whittle in his Firewall videos, another information source worth consuming.

I believe the cure, instead, is we need to stand up and tell people when they are wrong. At times we may have to yell in their faces as they yell in ours. We must demand our way, as loudly as they have come to demand theirs.

Sometimes that may be hard because their way has simple, perfect answers. The rebuttal, however is that they aren't smart enough to provide complex answers in a complex world.

We must teach our children and grandchildren and the children and neighbors in our communities what life is really about and we should do it again and again and never stop.

Otherwise our ability to have our own successful businesses, perhaps even our ability to raise beef cattle on the land, will continue slipping away into the morass of a socialist society.

Now, about that bacon ...