Back to the Broiler

Kansas Viewpoint

Who would guess that New Orleans at the end of July would be cooler than Kansas?

Published on: July 27, 2011
Yes, New Orleans (leaving today after attending Ag Media Summit) is hot and steamy.

But in checking in for my flight, I got routed automatically to weather in Wichita and a reminder that I am returning to the broiler that South Central Kansas has become this season.

I know how many of my readers are struggling with trying to figure out how to manage planning for the coming year with lost fall crops and the prospect of "at least" another week of 100-plus temps and breezy conditions that just make it impossible for plants to stay alive.

When I lament  the loss of my flower garden, my heart goes out to you who are facing the loss of a year's income. Just wanted to say hang in there and repeat the mantra of the Kansas farmer throughout time "next year will surely be better."