Back to School, For Real

My Generation

The kids are getting back into the swing of things. The mom? Not so much. Here, a look back at a kindergartener and a letter.

Published on: September 3, 2012

Oh, school.

On the one hand, I enjoy getting back to a routine. To regular bedtimes. To some degree of predictability.

On the other hand, I don’t enjoy the early mornings. The haranguing over getting up, getting going, getting homework done, getting to bed.

Nonetheless, here we are. We are starting our third week of school, but our first without an early dismissal for hot weather. So in other words, it's for real now.

And sweet little Caroline starts preschool this week. She's excited beyond words. I am too. But kinda dreading it. But kinda excited. But kinda dreading it.

Which brings me here, to the letter I wrote Nathan two years ago. Two years ago, he was but a wee kindergartener. Now? He prepares to conquer second grade. Oh, me.

If, like me, you're feeling a little melancholy about school – or maybe your little ones are heading off for the first time this week, give it a read. We can be melancholy together! And then, we can celebrate that our little ones are making big steps. And that's good, too.

P.S. --
This was our conversation in church last week. I seriously love this kid.

Halfway through church, Nathan whispers to me, "Mom. What are we having for lunch?"
I whisper back, "Ribeyes"
A little later, Nathan whispers again. "How many wibeyes did you get?"
I whisper back, "Four. They're thick ones, not sandwich ones."
A few minutes pass. Nathan whispers again. "Are you going to put them on the smoker?"
I whisper back, "Yes, I think so."
Nathan, melting into my side, "Ooh, I loooove wibeyes on the smoker. It's my favorwite meat!"