Back from Brazil

Inside Dakota Ag

My body's back from Brazil, but my head it still in the jungle.

Published on: February 17, 2011
"So did you make it back from Brazil?" my brother emailed me the other day.

He he had been reading my blogs and noted that I stopped writing after one of the last days we spent touring the countryside.

I did make it back. I survived the 36 hours of traveling from Iguassu Falls to Sao Paulo, to Miami, to Chicago and finally to Fargo.

Or at least my body's back. My head's still in Brazil -- somewhere out there in the jungle.

I keep thinking about the things I saw -- the miles upon miles of soybean fields, the cargo ships at the Port of Paranagua, the families at Sunday Mass.

I guess that's a sign of a good trip. Someday, I wouldn't mind going back.