As if Politicians Weren't Already Confused

Nor' east Thinkin'

Here it is, Friday morning. Television news talking heads are already wagging about...

Published on: September 26, 2008

Here it is, Friday morning. Television news talking heads are already wagging about how the stock market is ready to take another Black Friday dive into the financial pond – because of political divisiveness.


We all have ideas on how to solve the financial crisis – including sending high-paid crooks to prison. Our congress persons likely have had their ears bent with wide-ranging and strange solutions.


But they lack the same sense of urgency to resolve the problem that we common folk have. After all, they’re not worried about their retirement benefits and health care costs. We – us taxpayers (Uncle Sam) – have given them America’s best of both – at no cost.


With the tons of yesterday’s mail received by Congress came a totally inappropriate (that’s a nice word for it) one from Farm Aid’s board of directors. You know, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young and Dave Matthews.


The crux of their message was: “As the Board of Directors of Farm Aid, we want to alert you to what a mere $1 billion could do in the hands of the people who grow our food. The proposed $700 billion bailout asks taxpayers to foot the bill without giving them the opportunity to share in any gains. A $1 billion investment in family farm agriculture would enrich us all, because we are all shareholders of the family farm.”


Hello?! I guess the country music boys have already forgotten about this spring’s Farm Bill package. All they’ve done is fog up the urgency of Congress to “git ‘er done”.