Anti-GMOers Want To Rule Over Dairy Farmers By 'Mob Rule'

Nor' east Thinkin'

Dairy farmers, too, may be victimized by mob rule of GMO-free activist forced armed with unsound and seemingly scientific research results.

Published on: July 17, 2013

Last night, I shut off my television in disgust at the anger, illogic and threats of violence voiced by demonstrators over George Zimmerman "not guilty" verdict. But America's political and justice systems aren't the only institutions threatened by mob rule.

Today, while quietly spooning up my Chobani Greek yogurt, my stomach churned while reading a Web release about a campaign to force Chobani to stop using milk from New York cows fed genetically-modified feeds. Like the protestors who want their "pound of Zimmerman flesh" – revenge, GMO Inside and other anti-GMO groups want to rule by "mob rule" over Chobani and the dairy industry

Hang common sense! Hang real world reality!

Some of these well-intentioned people are so naïve they'd probably believe dairy milk could grow on trees if they were told that research proves it. Pass the coconuts!

Have I gone off the deep end?

Hardly. As Chobani Spokesperson Lindsey Kos puts it: "Rome wasn't built in a day. We don't claim to be GMO-free. But becoming so would require us to ensure the feed to more than 78,000 cows across more than 875 farms is 100% GMO-free."

Even Kos likely doesn’t have a clue what a gargantuan task that would be – if it could be done at all. American agriculture has openly embraced genetically-engineered or GMO feedstuffs for the environmental and economic benefits they provide.

To use GMO Inside's disputable numbers 98% of genetically modified soy and 49% of genetically modified corn goes to feeding livestock and poultry. Actually, GMO Inside was wrong about that, too!

Just last week, USDA released data results showing:

  • Of all U.S. soybeans grown this year, 93% are genetically-engineered varieties – same as in 2012.
  • Of all U.S. corn grown, 90% are genetically-engineered hybrids – up from 88% in 2012.
  • Of all U.S. cotton, 90% are genetically-engineered varieties – down from 94% in 2012. In case you didn't know, cotton seed is a livestock feedstuff.

Watch for Monday's post on this website with more details about the anti-GMO campaign against the dairy industry – and Chobani's response.

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  1. eddie says:

    Gmo advocates are closer to those going crazy over the Zimmerman case than anti gmo activist. Parroting the media and all that.... get a clue.

  2. Mac says:

    It is amazing to me Monsanto and Dupont representatives in business, farming and the media would openly admit the American public has been unwittingly used as guinea pigs by pesticide companies. The argument is: we all haven’t died after 20 years of consumption, so it must be okay. We’re not dead, but are we well? Why aren’t there more studies on the dramatic increases in food allergies, inflammatory diseases, IBS, infertility, and resultant infant mortality, diabetes, unusual tumors, cancers, etc. The increase in occurrence corresponds to the gradual introduction of GMOs into the food supply. The illnesses in humans mirror illnesses in animals who underwent recent, long term, independent animal testing of GMO foods. Like these test animals, many Americans are reactive to GMO foods. I am allergic to GMO soy. When I eat even a small amount of GMO soy, my tissue swells and I get pancake sized hives. Tests for soy allergies were negative. However, the doctor didn’t know if the test allergin was GMO soy. Nobody seems to know. Would Monsanto give permission to use patented GMO soy and other GMO organisms in allergy testing? Not likely. But the medical community is sending up red flags. Doctors tell patients with abdominal pain to stop eating processed foods. Dr. Oz does a show on the dangers of GMOs and then apologizes. American hospitals suddenly stop distributing soy based baby formulas and encourage breast feeding. So, why are doctors afraid to openly admit the current epidemic of digestive health problems and increases in infant mortality rates might be due to GMO consumption? Monsanto is incredibly aggressive, using lawsuits and leveraging the media, funding agencies and governments to strong-arm opposition? Companies such as Monsanto and Dupont now have so much money and power they have achieved an effective stranglehold on worldwide scientific research and infiltrated the American educational and political systems. Wake up! We have let the fox into the henhouse. Farmers in the Midwest are not folding because they are accepting Monsanto’s false promise of ending world hunger. Farmers are being bullied into giving up conventional farming for expensive, unsustainable farming practices and a GMO monoculture. Why? Not to save the poor. As Henry Kissinger said, “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world. “ So, last question. Why are Bill Gates and his cronies stockpiling heritage seeds and investing in organic hydroponic farming and gigantic greenhouse systems. They want to survive the world crisis their think tanks tell them is coming in the next 20 years. But let the poor eat GMO…maybe it will “solve” the population problem.

  3. lisa says:

    it is not safe to eat food gmo foods. the ones all for it are the greedy ones benefiting from it. grow a conscience!

    • Robert says:

      Prove to me and other readers that your statement is correct. I have seen no evidence to date that you are right. Testimonials don't count.

      • eddie says:

        The burden of proof should be on you. Monsanto has hyjacked our fda, usda, government, media, univerities, and you. Someday we will go throught the zast records and connections and charge you all with war crimes.. have fun.