Anti-GMOers Aim To Kill Food Abundance With GMO Labeling

Nor' east Thinkin'

If GMO labeling is so important to consumers, food marketers will voluntarily label products to create premium value. Just say 'no' to GMO label laws!

Published on: September 20, 2013

Working at a fair booth, I struck up a friendly conversation with Sharon in a neighboring booth. She was marketing "natural" foods. Somehow, the conversation became more adversarial when we hit on the topic of (horrors of) genetically-modified organisms in foods and the need for GMO labeling.

If you've read my columns, you already know what I think about the topic. I mentioned there's not one shred of evidence that genetically-engineered products are unsafe. Sharon countered with: "There's no evidence that they are, either."

That's the mentality of the Right to Know GMOs, MoveOn and other groups – including the Northeast Organic Farming Association – pushing Massachusetts legislation to force GMO labeling. You can bet they won't carry this blog in their lobby packets – for a balanced perspective. You'd think farmers would know better than to hook up with people of that mindset.

But Sharon and these groups are wrong about the evidence or lack thereof. There's no lack of research on potential health risks of foods containing GMOs. And all credible, peer-reviewed scientific research affirms GMO safety.

Back to Sharon: While she was marketing her high-priced, processed GMO-free foods, she was munching down on pretzels with no such labeling. And she didn't appreciate my pointing out that she might actually be ingesting dangerous, genetically-manipulated organisms.

Spare me the tears, please

Pat Fiero, organizer with and chairperson of the MA Right To Know GMOs Legislative Committee says: "Getting GMOs labeled is a really critical issue for me. As an organic gardener, a mother, a grandmother, and someone with a food-sensitive chronic disease, I want and need to know what's in my food.

"I also want my and everyone's children and grandchildren to be able to make wise food choices for themselves. We need to know, now, what's in our food."

That's her choice! She should be an informed buyer raising and seeking out foods that don't savage her gut. Yes, she should be teaching her children about making wise food choices about real food concerns – gluten, sulfite and nut sensitivities and lactose intolerance, too much sugar, too much fat, . . ..

The greater risk is . . .

The dirty little secret motivation for organic grower support of legislated GMO labeling is: They hope it'll drive consumers to their products simply because they strongly believe organic foods are healthier.

But they'll never admit that it's a prime motivation. After all, since they're growing what they eat, it's going to be cheaper. A win-win.

The truth is most consumers still don't read beyond the calorie and fat content, and have little reason to. Consumers will go wherever they can get the best-tasting, most convenient foods at the best price. That's the beauty of America's free enterprise system that created opportunities for the organic industry, yet the one these people want to put more legal limits on.

State laws requiring labels on products containing GMOs come with a great cost to food marketers – even farmers if they're into that marketing segment. Enforcing such regulations also come at a cost to those states.

Sorrry. We don't need more laws and regulatory costs for an imagined risk. We have more than enough already. In effect, they'll drive up food costs and reduce availability to people who can least afford it . . . unless they get food stamps, and that's a whole different issue.

The bottom line is: Just say "no" to GMO labeling.

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  1. gmo2ashes says:

    We exist in a war zone. GMOs and their associated chemical agents are only part of the greater arsenal being used to weaken, maim and kill the population. It is near impossible for the average Joe to realize that we are under attack by an enemy force that now dominates the control hierarchy of the United States. No one wants to deal with that reality. Since bombs aren't falling and tanks aren't rolling and troops aren't machine-gunning the populace, there's no call for alarm, there's no war, nor any need to defend our families, our homes, our nation, or our food supply. The populace is drugged up, dumbed down and distracted. Men are emasculated. Laws are in place to charge anyone who even thinks of defending themselves as being a terrorist or a criminal. It's a military strategy. The enemy's successful assault is calculated to rely upon 1) the public's ignorance of what's happening, 2) dependence and faith in government to defend the country and 3) the fear of imprisonment. GMO labeling is a strategic maneuver used to disempower and placate the public while a very organized and deadly enemy continues its assault unchallenged. Regardless if he was aware and physically capable, the average Joe doesn't know how to coordinate a defense against even the most minimal threat, not to mention one against an overpowering enemy that for all intents and purposes, appears to be a GOV-CO alliance. The enemy is already well inside the gate; it's poisoning your sons and daughters while cloaked in the flag and masquerading as political debate. Other than encouraging and applauding small guerilla teams who burn GMO fields in the dead of night, at this juncture the larger battle seems pointless. While glyphosate and aluminum particulate (from chemtrails) destroy soils, in a few years likely all domesticated food species will be contaminated by GMOs. We are approaching a dead zone. Humanity is targeted for termination. Artificial, self-replicating nanotech silica life forms (morgellons) are emerging. The insanity of transhumanism is the prevailing theme and agenda. The US is founded upon deception, murder and theft. From such evil seeds, the harvest will only be more of the same. Rather than learn from their wisdom and delight in coexistence with them, we killed our greatest allies - the indigenous peoples who populated the Americas before the European invasion. You cannot do anything to another person without also doing it to yourself. Genocide and murder have come full circle now. We will all experience the same fate as our victims. To label or not to label GMOs is a silly distraction to take your mind off what really needs to be done - that is, to burn the whole damned garden to ashes and start over again with deeper insight.

    • First Officer says:

      Aren't you being a bit melodramatic?

    • Kathy says:

      I agree with everything you said.

  2. Farmer Mike says:

    Oh, and before I forget it, why do you accuse organic farmers (or those who support GMO labeling) of just wanting to increase their profits at the expense of big ag? They are business folks, of course they have to make money. And so do the big ag folks. What's the big deal? Milk is labeled to show that the milk does not come from cows treated with hormones. If GMO does not harm consumers, they will buy those products, labeled or not. Stop fear mongering all right!

  3. Farmer Mike says:

    I have done some research on GMO, and as a conscious consumer, I would prefer if labeling laws existed. It is not necessarily that someone messed with the genetic make up of seeds, but the actual purpose of the changes. From what I have found, most genetic changes are made to make plants resistant to applications of pesticides. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not eat something that has been liberally doused in poison. What is treated with that stuff? Things like corn, wheat and soy, if I am not mistaken. Can you wash the pesticides off before you process the produce? Not too sure about that. If I am not comfortable with pouring round-up in my drink, I don't really want it in food I eat. The other side of the story is that there is evidence that we are creating "undesired entities" (aka weeds or bugs) that are increasingly resistant to the pesticides used. You may have heard of those "superbugs" in hospitals, that cause post-treatment infections in hospital patients. Well, it sounds like we are doing the same on our farms. I really don't want to encounter weeds you can only get rid of after you pull them out of the ground, chop them up in little pieces, burn them, and then destroy them in an acid bath. Just keep that in mind next time you think it's OK to mess with nature.

  4. Grant Ingle says:

    This author uncritically repeats pro-GMO myths generated by bio-ag PR types. There are plenty of peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate the dangers of GMO crops. And Recent studies conclude that the costs of GMO labeling are negligible since manufacturers often alter labels for many reasons. For more information, see the studies cited in this well-documented report: