If Animals 'Suffer,' Why Wait?

Northstar Notes

Undercover animal rightists seek to end animal food production - not protect animals from 'harm.'

Published on: November 4, 2013

MFA's modus operandi is to end all food animal production as we know it. Check out its website. It's an activist vegetarian organization. It professes concern about animal suffering yet when MFA "discovers" it, MFA sits on the undercover video. It takes a few months to splice the footage together and to line up a spokesman to sell its version of the story. Then the organization holds a press conference to denounce what it "saw."

This is not news, folks.

All of it is suspect. The undercover employee who signed a contract to report any animal abuse she would witness on the farm. The employee who was committing the "crime." Any chance this person may have been singled out by the undercover employee and encouraged or coached into demonstrating mean or careless animal care? I'm not saying that all farm workers are all angels. Far from it. There are times when livestock workers take out their frustrations on animals. Those times are the exceptions, not the rule.

So gradually, video of this farm, video of that farm, animal rightists hope to offend and influence consumers, who in turn will pressure food companies, to stop buying from confinement farms.

The farm owners unfortunately falling under MFA's magnifying glass have endured painful attacks on their character and business management practices. As tough as those times have been, they regrouped and fine-tuned their employee training and management, and evaluated routine animal husbandry practices. Sometimes changes took place, sometimes not.

One thing is certain: Consumer education about animal agriculture will be an ongoing effort.

Bacon, anyone?