An Awesome Evening with Awesome People

Kansas Viewpoint

Opportunity to honor this year's Master Farmer/Master Farm Homemaker class is rewarding, humbling

Published on: March 18, 2011
I had the opportunity this evening to spend some time with the best farmers in Kansas; this year's Master Farmer/Master Farm Homemaker class, their families and friends and some of the past Master Farmer couples at the annual Master Farmer banquet in Junction City.

I love Master Farmer time of the year because I always get to meet at least some families that I didn't know before and they are always amazing people. This year's class is no exception.

Tonight, I had the honor of entertaining this audience as emcee of the banquet and presenting plaques and extra copies of Kansas Farmer to the winners.

Looking at the lifetime accomplishments of these couples is always humbling. They have built and sacrificed and survived and prospered in some of the most difficult times agriculture has ever seen.

I feel proud just to know them. Congrats, Masters!