All Aboard! The 2010 Hard Red Winter Wheat Tour Begins

Kansas Viewpoint

Participants in this year's inspection of Kansas wheat crop come from 18 states across the U.S., 4 foreign countries

Published on: May 3, 2010
Participants in this year's Wheat Quality Council Hard Red Winter Wheat Tour across Kansas gathered in Manhattan Monday night to meet their first day drivers, find out what the tour is all about, chow down on good Kansas steak and get a look at  the flour mill operated by the Kansas State University Grain Science Department.

Fifteen cars will transport this year's 69 participants along different routes from Manhattan to Colby on Tuesday with each car making between 15 and 20 stops at wheat fields along the way. At each stop participants will move to different locations in a field, count tillers on wheat plants, measure rows, look for disease and insects and take notes to share will fellow participants when they gather in Colby Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, the tour continues to Wichita, repeating the process of stops and examinations.

On Thursday, participants will travel from Wichita to Kansas City where the tour ends at the Kansas City Board of Trade.

Participants this year come from 18 states across the U.S. as well as from Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Australia.

This year, I have elected to tag along with Dave Green from ADM Milling because I know from previous tours that he likes to have a lot of fun on the tour and and make numerous stops at every hokey, cheesey Kansas tourist spot that comes within hailing distance of his route.

Traveling with us will be Kenny Smithmier from ADM in Kansas City, Dirk Maier, from the K-State Grain Science Department and Jennifer Siewe from the Kroger Co. in Cincinnati.

We are heading out at 7 a.m. and I will be posting updates all day on Tuesday and part of the day on Wednesday before I break away from the tour to head to the opening events of the 3i Show in Great Bend.

Watch this space to learn what we learn about the condition, the promise and the challenges of the 2010 Hard Red Winter Wheat Crop in Kansas.