Ah, Deer Hunting Season Is On!

Two Hearts, One Harvest

It was the first time that Mike and Sheilah went deer hunting together -- and a memory-maker.

Published on: December 9, 2013

It's that time of year when you wake up pre-dawn, put on five layers of clothing – and enough orange to be legal, then go look for the elusive deer. The first week is over and neither of us got anything, or did we?

Sheilah: People ask me all the time: “Why do you like to hunt?” Well, it’s certainly not because I like to freeze my butt off all day. I get more out of hunting than just shooting a deer. It’s all about the memories.

Mike: I, on the other hand, like having the chance to shoot that big buck. This year was the first time we hunted together. On the first day, we sat on our five gallon buckets and watched a soybean field.

Sheilah: And that bean field was all we saw! Ok, we did see three does and a fox, but mainly just the bean field. I didn’t like our hunting spot – not because we weren’t seeing anything, but because I didn’t have a place to water the trees. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem going outside. But I do like a few big trees around for some privacy.

Mike: I've never hunted with a woman before. That was something that never crossed my mind. Sheilah gave me a hard time about it and we laughed about it all day. With the lack of lead flying, we had a chance just to talk. Our one-year anniversary was the week before, so we had plenty of time to reflect back on the previous year.

Sheilah: Like when Mike bought me two guns for a wedding present – every girls dream – a man that buys her guns!

Mike: My dad helped me pick them out. We made several necessary and unnecessary trips to many local gun shops to find the right one. I was only gonna get one. But I thought two would seal the deal.

Sheilah: On Saturday, we went hunting with my dad. We even joined forces with some friends for a couple of hours. My dad took us every place he could think of and drove for us all day. I love hearing him tell his hunting stories from days past.

And now Mike and I will be able to have our own stories to pass on one day.Week one was full of stories, jokes and laughter. Even though we didn’t bag any deer, we didn’t come home empty-handed. We have many new memories to share and remember in the future. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Mike and Sheilah Reskovac are young farmers from near Uniontown, Pa. Check out their column in American Agriculturist magazine.