A Press Invitation I Can't Pass Up

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An invite to a book signing in California made me laugh.

Published on: March 2, 2011
Ever get an e-mail and think, “Hmmm….that’s odd. Wonder why they would send me that?”

Used to be, the … ahem … “enhancement” e-mails were the most common junk mail out there. Lately though, I’ve been getting some really odd notices.

At least three times a week, someone from Barack Obama’s group will e-mail me. Sometimes it even pops up under the President’s name. I’m not sure why I get these. I voted for McCain in the last election and have listed “conservative” under my Facebook political views. Still, someone is convinced I’m just one e-mail away from donating $50 to the re-elect President Obama fund.

I also get a lot of stuff from country music artist promoters. I am a fan of country music. However, I don’t see myself running out to buy Wynonna Judd concert tickets.

Today marked the pinnacle of strange e-mails. As a member of the press, I’ve been officially invited to attend a book signing with the DAYS OF OUR LIVES CAST! Wow, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this all my life. Of course, I’ll have to fly out to Burbank, Calif. to take advantage of it, but seriously, what a great invite.

While I’m completely joking, I find it extremely odd that a member of the ag media would be invited to such an event. Also, would the Days’ press staff even care if they got an article in the Prairie Farmer? I would love to see their face when I told them the name of our publication.

I guess everyone should laugh at least once a day, there’s mine for Wednesday, March 2.

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